Making advancements in assessing health conditions within minutes using saliva

Baseline RAD – A Hand-held Saliva-based Health Assessment Device

Timing is critical for early detection in assessing and diagnosing personal health conditions such as COVID-19. The Baseline Rapid Assessment Device (RAD) has been designed to provide an on-site assessment for a variety of health conditions. Identifying potential issues is essential to obtaining the right care. Acting as soon as possible is essential to obtaining the right care, as for example for COVID-19. It may mean the difference between spreading of the disease, quick recovery, extended suffering, or even death.

As an easy to use assessment device, Baseline’s RAD will be fast, accurate and affordable. The “Lab In The Hand” will measure the body’s specific salivary biomarkers that are early indicators of COVID-19. The process will be similar to the familiar and widely available home pregnancy tests and both are intended to be used once and then discarded. However, unlike pregnancy tests, Baseline’s device will base its results on an easy to collect saliva sample to identify elevated health risks.

The Baseline RAD intends to deliver non-invasive, easy to administer procedures to quickly and accurately identify elevated risks.

COVID-19 Prototype

Going Beyond Disease – Assessing Concussion with Baseline IAD

Another serious medical condition grabbing headlines in recent years is the wide spectrum of conditions associated with traumatic brain injury commonly known as concussion. Anyone watching or participating in sports knows of the “concussion protocols” leagues and teams have in place. Parents understand the risks to children at play. Military personnel are aware of the effects of brain trauma, however minimal. High-impact sports and everyday accidents pose dangerous risks.

A disposable Baseline device called an IAD – Initial Assessment Device – is being created specifically to provide early warning of mild brain trauma.  The Baseline IAD is designed to assess saliva samples indicating the elevated presence of biomarkers very specific to traumatic brain injury.

The key to treatment for any head injury is early detection. This is where Baseline IAD is being developed to shine. The level of biomarkers released by the brain spike very soon after even mild trauma to the brain while commonly related symptoms may take hours or even days to appear. Elevated biomarker levels in saliva may appear within the first 20 to 30 minutes and peak anywhere from six to eight hours after the event.

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